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Updated thru 10:00 a.m. EST: Bare-Bones # Writing Prompts (most, but not all)


#ALineADayPoem —Write a line of poetry a day.
#5PROMPT — Weekly prompt: HOME – Use it in a 5 line poem. #5Lines
#AMSPC — 512 ‘Endless bond”
#cdpoetry — 184 sex in a graveyard
#DSubVerse — 145 Share you favorite pick-up line.
@DailyPrompt- Write about the formation of an unlikely friendship.
#DarkTale – 343 WROTE (any form of the word)( WRITE 3 lines /3 act script)
#HaikuChallenge — reset
#HeartSoup — 435 Every Last Thorn -NOW PROMPTS FRI.S ONLY
#kimmiepic —PHOTO: Sherbet sky ~Write a #vss or poem about this photo: CHgkPVhUEAAjUxO.jpg
#LimerickPrompt — Rhyme : PAD at end of line 1, 2 or 5
#LynxxTraxx — “Magic Man” – Heart
#MadVerse — 358 dangerous words BONUS: careless intentions
#MSPoetry — “fearful of a forest”
#OHJ — Write a VSS: “zipper” and/or “ho-hum” Let’s take an Oddly Hyphenated Journey!
#SpeakPoetry —Read the quote from The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
#Tweetkuchallenge — Write a #tweetku about a @mothermother song.
#Unspoken Echoes — on a brief hiatus
#Wordstew — cosmogyral adj. whirling around the universe
#WrittenRiver — 339 ARTWORK prompt — CHs52qoVAAEoijF.jpg

#15tt — #VSS PLEASE – dolce vita – the sweet life; a luxurious, self-indulgent way of life (Italian).
#artwiculate — “kismet” Definition here — KISMET definition at:
#DSpoetry — An addict
#DrugVerse — 45 numb the pain
#Elixir Poetry – 210 Danger Zone 209 Looking forward
#fieryverse — CRIES RISE Wednesday is spoken verse—Write, Record, Post
#GeekVerses —60 “SCARLET WITCH” (from the AVENGERS)
#Haikuwordgame — 1. long 2. variety 3. winding —USE ALL 3 WORDS IN 1 HAIKU.
#MAGICK_WORDS — FOR 6/8-?? /15 no.140 hopeless / all is not lost Note: on indefinite hiatus
@MerriamWebster — ESOTERIC – See the full definition here:
#ntitle — 468 Who could be both innocent and sane (A week of Alternative Pathology)
#orjay –– 901 ” DRAWING THE PATH ”
#Rhythmic_Words —10 hold position or female expression
#Soulwords — Night’s Muse
#ThePush — ‘drizzle’
#TwipAnon — where poets & poems go for writing on the walls.
#WordVerse — 72 Dreamlike adventure
#writingprompts —about chains and what they mean to you— CHs1ZmcWIAAgdTG.jpg
#WyldeVerse — 14 “NOTION OF TIME”


#alternativepen (New Prompt) — Wordsworth’s sonnet passage prompt: CHqQHRDWIAAEGqb.jpg
#ASYMLIFE — 149 “out of the woods” & 151 “we two” – V.C. Anderson image CHtEuiqVEAANUvN.png
#ashverse —Prompts: 159 —creating heaven / sultry pout / one of a kind / disappointment / Nemesis
#BOTAIKU — 283 -a haiku Use word- Fine or plant —Yarrow, Achillea
#capturedpoets —
#CycloneWriting — June prompt is CGjuS45UcAAbpjC.jpg from LOTR
#FP —
#HaikuThrowdown — “desire”
#HeartsMeal — withered
#HomoAquarius —not every / can’t be / secret name / out there / ask for / old joke
#poetheme – This week’s theme is #SMALL ~Send to #micropoetry. #poetheme
#RavensVeil — Unbridled affection
#ShapePoetry —’Misadventure’.— Post shape/ visual/ concrete poems
#TenWordJournal — anonymity
#ThePaths —ALL OPEN! prompts “Heart Of Deception” / “Last Chance” / ”Follow The Lost” – Check @ThePathsWeTake
#VerseReversal — 158 “occupy” or “inhabit”
#enchanted_bard —Wk3 June Prompts: Dreamy teardrops \Erotic thoughts \Bleeding cuts \Wildflowers \Dragonflyc
#Quadrivial quandry —Create a sentence using: turbid, postilion, esoteric, lackadaisical  #prompt
#xass Prompt is tweeted every Sat eve and runs through Sun eve. (EST) More at


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