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Updated thru 9:30 A.M., EST: Bare-Bones # Writing Prompts (most, but not all)


#5PROMPT — Weekly prompt: ‘sudden’ – Use it in a 5 line poem. #5Lines
#AMSPC — 519 ‘Darkly staged.’
#BOTAIKU — Write a haiku using word – word-MUSK / plant Musk Mallow, Malva moschata
#cdpoetry — 191 – “Lonely ghost”
#DSubVerse — 149 in trusting you
@DailyPrompt- Write a complete story about a vampire bat in 200 words.
#DarkTale – 356 CHOICES (or any version of the word)
#HaikuChallenge — disturb
#HeartSoup — 437 Sunshine -NOW PROMPTS FRI.S ONLY
#kimmiepic —PHOTO: Sherbet sky ~Write a #vss or poem about this photo: CHgkPVhUEAAjUxO.jpg
#LimerickPrompt — http://www.madkane.com/humor_blog Rhyme: JERK end of line 1, 2 or 5
#LynxxTraxx — 54 “SexyBack” – Justin Timberlake BONUS Prompt 54B -“The Ride of the Valkyries” by Richard Wagner
#MadVerse — 371 intoxicating eyes Bonus Prompt: scent of decadence
#MSPoetry — “this heart to thaw”
#OHJ — Write a VSS: “seaweed” and/or “hi-fi” Let’s take an Oddly Hyphenated Journey!
#SpeakPoetry —Concluding the month where we started! Dead Poet’s Society http://ow.ly/NNBop
#Tweetkuchallenge — Write a #tweetku write about something bothering you.
#Unspoken Echoes — on a brief hiatus
#Wordstew — 68 Mangata — n. the glimmering, road-like reflection the moon creates on water
#WrittenRiver — 352 meddle with secrets

#15tt — #VSS PLEASE vae victis – woe to the vanquished; woe to the conquered (Latin).
#artwiculate — “doryphore” definition at: artwiculate.com
#DSpoetry — 234 #artwork CIofg6yUwAAn5zM.jpg
#DrugVerse — 49 Jack and Johnny
#Elixir Poetry – 220 SUPERNOVA
#fieryverse — Prompt: SWEET PLUM
#GeekVerses — 67 “Silencing Dissent” from Breaking Dawn
#Haikuwordgame — 1. suspicious 2. shady 3. imitation —USE ALL 3 WORDS IN 1 HAIKU.
#HomoAquarius — could be / tattered costume /out of control / no one else
MAGICK_WORDS — 6/22-??/15 no.141 hearts entwined
MerriamWebster — DISINFORMATION – See the full definition here: http://s.m-w.com/1SW9DLs
#ntitle —482   Tragedy and Trancendence   (a week of heroism)
#orjay –– 911 ” COMPASS OF GOD ”
#Rhythmic_Words — 11 rhythmic life / feet of action
#Soulwords — Cotton Ball / White puffy clouds
#SparkSpeaks – @SparkSpeaks -short video prompt 44 OImHBa-vmF24vIQX.jpg
#ThePush — vs. please — ’heat’
#WordVerse — 74 Whirlwind minds
#writingprompts —prompt is here—CIvrUGnVAAADk9Z.jpg
#WyldeVerse — 20 ”HEAVEN AND EARTH”




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