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Some prompters post their new prompts after 9: a.m. I will update this list when RL and time make it possible. -Tess


#5PROMPT —word for the week 31 Aug – 6th Sept is ‘strict’.– Use it in a 5 line poem. #5Lines
#AMSPC —  556     The line to use is ‘New nightmare.’
‘#artwiculate — “ineffable”   ~ Definition here –
#BOTAIKU —376    ~ ARROW     / plant   ~Arrowhead Vine, Syngonium

#cdpoetry — 68   “Not an Addict”
#DSubVerse — 175 “make my soul burn”
#fieryverse — #SpokenWord Wednesday “FALLING FROM “ Write/Record/PostYourPoem
#HaikuChallenge — SAGA
#HeartSoup “Post poetry on subjects of LOVE, Loss, and Longing to the tag whenever you like.”
#kimmiepic —PHOTO: Entwine. Write a poem or #vss inspired this photo. CMAeANVUwAATUli.jpg
#LynxxTraxx —6 hours ago
#LynxxTraxx Prompt 68 Faith Hill – “Breathe”
#MadVerse —.434 ~ keyboard warrior / just words
#ntitle — 545 ~ A Living Thread (Week of fates)
#orjay ––  967   ~ ” FORCE OF CHANGE ”
#OHJ — Write a VSS: “skirt” and/or “adduce” ~Let’s take an Oddly Heroic Journey! #poetheme – 98 This weeks theme #EDGE Send to #micropoetry. #poetheme
#SpeakPoetry — HAMBURGERS from Pulp Fiction
#ThePush — Today’s #vss theme for #ThePush and @edbookfest’s #StoryShop challenge is
‘wonderland’. Bonus points for including all 3 tags
#Wordstew — TRUMPERY -useless knick-knacks; nonsense
#WrittenRiver —416: sacrificed calm


#15tt — #VSS PLEASE – schmo – a foolish, boring, or stupid person; a jerk; an ordinary person who is not unusual in any way (Yiddish).
#ashverse   198  ~ Bruised sky  / Burning tides  / Point of no return  / Terrace of hopelessHearts

#DSpoetry —286 ~ Forever is crashing down
#DrugVerse —67 – shooting gallery Feel free to use photos and combine prompts!
#Elixir Poetry – 249 SUGAR SWEET MEMORY
#GeekVerses — 101 9-2-2015 ~ ”Now I Am the Master” from Star Wars
#Haikuwordgame — NEW GAME 1.draw 2.river 3. energy WE HAVE 3 WORDS. GAME SHALL BEGIN!
#HeartsMeal — LOST TIMES
#HomoAquarius — an’t imagine  / dying fire  / forgotten   -Use any part.
#WordsofMagick    ~ second beginning  / mulligan  / scream of pleasure  / humbled
MerriamWebster — IMMACULATE : perfectly clean or having no flaw
#MSPoetry — Wed. ”fingertip fumble”
#RavensVeil —   9/2/15 prompt   ~ the devil’s water
#Rhythmic_Words —#21 – how it all started / n perfect rhythm / from friends to lovers ~CNzUILnWcAA7LBZ.jpg
#Soulwords 08/30-09/04 Foreign/Home/Wild in nature/friend/my or your soul
#SPNMPY — empty grave
#ThePaths — “Illusive Destiny” / “My Cluttered Heart” / “Dreams Of Rust” / “Rain On Your Skin”— EVEN MORE INFO HERE: CNdNbiYWoAAv9kZ.jpg
#writingprompts — prompt here: CN0Cnf0UEAISukj.jpg
#WyldeVerse — 47 09/01/15 “PURITY OF TRUTH”


#alternativepen — Wordsworth prompt 2.9.15 Let the verse inspire you. Wordsworth’Verse: CN2ZogtUwAAzYxw.jpg
#ASYMLIFE —Week of Aug 30-Sept. 4: 206. backfire 207. clash by night 208. brute force 209. surprise finish 210. zero effect 211. out of the past 212. angel face
#bunburyezine – Aug 27 – ‘Laugh’
#CarnalVerse – 25 Prompt image: CNs1muIUEAEAQC3.jpg
@DailyPrompt- An office worker finds out that the president of the company took kickbacks and committed other crimes.
#DarkTale – 387 SHINE ((or any word derived from the God) 3 lines /3 act script I prefer it dark,doesn’t have 2b
#enchanted_bard —9/2-9-7/15prompts ~ Mystical dawn / Fiery crash  / Dreary fog/ Autumn’s glow  / Simple smile
#FlwVerse — Wkly Prompt 5 — 1)anchor me 2) hold fast 3) here I sit —
#FP —Any subject in vss Optional theme IS …
#HaikuThrowdown — “WINE”
#LimerickPrompt — Rhyme: MAZE or MAIZE or AMAZE end line 1, 2 or 5
#microprompt bit
#Quadrivial quandry —Create a sentence using: belie, owlful, rigmarole, well-nigh
#SenseWrds (NEW) –Prompt 8 ~ Bitter / Empty – Prompt info here:CN24lYxUAAAbWpb.jpg
#ShapePoetry —08/23 ‘In the grip.’ Post shape/ visual/ concrete poems
#sixwords — Six-Word Memoir®. Tweet your #sixwords here or share them at  @sixwords
#VerseReversal —  240:   “Distinctive”   &/or   “Delightful”

@Voella —This week’s words are STILLNESS & ECHO goodluck everybody
#Whisperingneds -Weekly Prompt in audio…  P-15: WALTZ/BLUES#SpokenWord
EXTRA: Tuesday Twitter Word Prompt: #Love Post your tweets to #KaafiyaMilaao @KaafiyaPoetry Tonight @ 9 pm (IST) to 10 pm Petition Please consider visiting, reading through, and signing. TY>


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