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#5PROMPT —word for the week 7 – 13th Sept is ‘treasure’– Use it in a 5 line poem. #5Lines
#AMSPC — #564 The line to use is ‘Pillars of fire .’
#artwiculate — cc”imbroglio” Definition here –
#botaiku — 390 – word: NODDING / plant: Oconee Bells, Shortia
#DSubVerse —181 Write your interpretation of this scene CPBP2eqVEAAslWq.jpg
#fieryverse — #SpokenWord Wednesday Prompt: HOVER OVER
#HaikuChallenge — THURS. ‘behalf’
#HeartSoup – “Post poetry on subjects of LOVE, Loss, and Longing to the tag ….”
#kimmiepic —PHOTO: Entwine. Write a poem or #vss inspired this photo. CMAeANVUwAATUli.jpg
#LynxxTraxx — 69 ~ Tennessee Ernie Ford – “16 Tons”
#MadVerse —449 – a cosmic scattering / starscapes
#ntitle —560 – Healing In A Kiss A week of Healing)
#orjay –– 976     ” PSYCHIC CHAPTERS ”
#OHJ — Write a VSS: “charm” and/or “midden” Let’s take an Oddly Heroic Journey!
#poetheme – 101 This weeks theme #FADE Send to #micropoetry. #poetheme
#SpeakPoetry —MORNING ROUTINE from American Psycho
#ThePush — Today’s #vss story in a tweet theme is: Long Walk
#WrittenRiver —431: late at night


#15tt — #VSS PLEASE word is mirabile visu – wonderful to see; wonderful to behold (Latin).
#ashverse – 205 Prompts: Use any Combo of two or more previous prompts
#CycloneWriting Sept.2015 Prompt > COIC9rAW8AAslKC.jpg
#DSpoetry — 297 – The dark takes me
#DrugVerse — 72 – “Detached from Reality” Feel free to use photos and combine prompts!
#GeekVerses — 9-15-2015 “Black Lotus” from the Gathering
#Haikuwordgame — NEW GAME 1.conclusion 2.veritable 3.crow ~ Use all 3 in a haiku.
#HeartsMeal — 09/ 12 ~ “A PROMISING FUTURE”
#HomoAquarius — 09/16   ~ what’s happening  / closer to  / joyless -Use any part.
MerriamWebster — QUONDAM – former or sometime
#MSPoetry —THURS> “emotional whiplash”
#POMWords —16/9 The bond of friendship — any inspired variation
#RavensVeil — 9/17/15 prompt — Your kiss
#Rhythmic_Words —#22 – Lift me / “Baby my sweet baby” / lose control (inspired by Dirty Dancing
#Soulwords 09/07-09/11 ~ Why Not / hopeless romantic / lying/lay under the moon
#SPNMPY —Tues. dead again / alive again
#ThePaths —Wed. Invisible Royalty Your Claws A Sad Rescue This Fuse We Never Met
#WordStew — 80 “CONCINNITY” – harmony or elegance of design
#writingprompts —prompt > CPGUOOmUkAAPX9d.jpg
#WyldeVerse — 54 — “STOLEN BREATHS”


#alternativepen — Wordsworth prompt16.9.15 Let the quote inspire you— CO-oQ5eW8AAFscI.jpg
#ASYMLIFE — 09 /13- 09/19 : afire / in my blood / quiver / to the lees / look at me / newborn / shattered
#CarnalVerse –
@DailyPrompt- She found a baby in a basket on the river, but the baby was no Moses; he was quite the opposite.
#DarkTale – no.402 “INSIDE” (or any variation of the word) 3 lines /3 act script I prefer it dark,doesn’t have 2b
#enchanted_bard —9/2-9-7/15prompts ~ Mystical dawn / Fiery crash  / Dreary fog/ Autumn’s glow  / Simple smile
#FlwVerse — 07 ~ Top Kat / Dog house / Sweet taste
#FP —Any subject in vss Optional theme IS …
#HaikuThrowdown — Wed. “destiny”
#LimerickPrompt — using this week’s rhyme word at the end of Line 1 or 2 or 5: DUCK
#microprompt — THURS> CAKE
#PoemTrail —New prompt at 8pm tonight and we have a bonus prompt on Thursday this week with a special guest.
@Quadquan —One sentence using all > winkle, pound a beat, quondam, too-too
#SenseWrds — Prompt 14 What will it inspire? Use #SenseWrds on your original piece. CO_EakDWsAAg4Ik.jpg
#ShapePoetry —Sun. ’RAINY DAY’ Post shape/ visual/ concrete poems
#sixwords — Six-Word Memoir®. Tweet your #sixwords here or share them at  @sixwords
#VerseReversal — #252 – “Fragile” &/or “Fraill”
#Whisperingneds -Weekly Prompt in audio.  P17: RANDOM POINT
Weekly prompt 8 Haiku review a work with a female protagonist Cite title/author
Tag #BookReviewInHaiku
WordPrompt: #Moon
Post your tweets to #KaafiyaMilaao
Tonight @ 9pm


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